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CruiseTimes is published three times a year and sent free of charge to cruise line executives worldwide. It is also sent to cruise-only travel agents and many other associated businesses.

CruiseTimes specialises in unbiased analysis of all business aspects of the cruise industry, including:

  • Financial reporting;
  • Orderbook analysis;
  • Environmental impacts;
  • Industry trends;
  • Exclusive interviews;
  • Insights on ports and destinations;
  • Design trends;
  • New-vessel previews and reviews; Refurbishment reviews; Marine operations; Hotel operations; Conference reports

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  • ‘I always make time in my day to read the latest issue of CruiseTimes, quality reporting from a brilliant editorial…’

    Timothy Littley
    senior director, Seabourn Cruise Line
  • ‘CruiseTimes provides the best financial analysis in the industry, by far’

    Gianluca Suprani
    head of global port development & shore activities, MSC Cruises S.A.
  • ‘We use information from CruiseTimes in our strategic business meetings’

    Karl J. Pojer
    Former CEO, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises
  • ‘I read CruiseTimes from cover to cover – it is really great!’

    Miguel Reyna
    Former AVP, commercial development & construction, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd
  • ‘I would like to thank you for the magazine … Excellent job’

    Spyros Almpertis
    senior director port operations, Silversea Cruises
  • ‘Congrats on the second issue of CruiseTimes. It is getting better and better’

    Luis de Carvalho
    CEO, BA Europe (Bermello Ajamil & Partners Europe)