There is no better way to experience a destiny than to immerse yourself in it with all five senses. The Mediterranean and its adjacent seas offer an endless range of outdoor activities to enjoy and make the most of the voyage. Due the versatility of the Mediterranean region, its activities are also diverse and enriching. You can go under the sea snorkeling in Cape Verde (Cabo Verde), diving in Portimâo (Portugal) or over the sea, paragliding on the beach in Alanya (Turkey). As for the mountains, you can go hiking on the many incredible routes, such as the Teide (Spain) or Portofino (Italy). There are also many places to visit, for example the lavender trails in Provence, Marseille (France) or the beaches in Patras (Greece). The extensive variety of activities make the Mediterranean an ideal place full of energy.
The Mediterranean cuisine, one of the most admired in the culinary world, was proclaimed Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2013 by UNESCO, since being one of the most beneficial diet for our health and lifestyle. You can find a huge variety of different foods along the Mediterranean countries and discover sensations with them, such as the flavor of the French cheese, the aroma of the Italian coffee, the textures in a Greek salad, the colors in the Spanish paella or the spicy of the Turkish spices. You can feel each region through its dishes, which won’t leave you indifferent. Eating can be an incredible experience while cruising along the Mediterranean Sea.
No other place on the planet is home to such a thousand-year-old heritage recognized by UNESCO. The ports of the Mediterranean are the gateway to territories that treasure the achievements of the civilizations that have preceded us. It features many architectural masterpieces, including the majestic pyramids or the Sphinx of Egypt, the grandiose Roman Coliseum in Rome (Italy) or the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona (Spain). Different routes will take you to amazing destinations, the ports being your starting point: from Dubrovnik (Croatia), you can go to Belvedere, or from Trabzon (Turkey), you can visit the Sumela Monastery. Let be inspired by the monuments and spots you can discover cruising the Mediterranean and its adjoining seas.
The Mediterranean and its adjacent seas encompass up to 70 Biosphere Reserves scattered among 17 countries. The Mediterranean ports are gateways to varied ecosystems of great environmental value, from the Serra de Tramuntana in Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain) to the volcanic landscape of Pico (Azores, Portugal), passing through the natural park of Bet Guvrin (Ashdod, Israel) or the Danube Delta in Constantza (Romania). With its varied and contrasting topography along with its characteristic climate, the Mediterranean region is considered one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, being the habitat for many species, both flora and fauna, unique in the world. Navigating its famous blue clear waters you can reach countless places and experience first-hand the nature in its different states with its extraordinary landscapes, such the Zadar archipelago (Croatia) or the Corfu island (Greece).
There is nowhere else on earth where one can cruise to so many different countries within a short period of time. Its richness stems largely from the fact that the Mediterranean sea is almost totally enclosed by three continents. You can explore so many incredible places, such as the Roman Amphitheatre in Thessaloniki (Greece), City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia (Spain), the Efes in Kusadasi - Antalya - Bodrum (Turkey) or the Ancient Aptera in Souda - Chania (Greece). There is no other area in the world that can equal the Mediterranean Sea in terms of number of cultures and civilizations that have emerged from the shores of the countries that lie on this sea. The video series is divided into five different extraordinary experiences, capturing the region's culture, history, active tourism and nature, and gastronomy.
The Mediterranean Sea has numerous advantages over other cruising areas, with its diversity of cultures, people, languages and history. There are many ports ideally suited to cruise passengers, with something to interest everyone, in most cases situated close to where the Cruise ship docks. Nowhere else can such a variety of culture and history be found in such a relatively small area. While the weather from Spring to Autumn is almost invariably ideal, even in the winter months the weather is generally very mild. Some observers feel that within a couple of years, the Mediterranean will become a year-round cruise destination. Indeed, the advantages of cruising the area outside the peak periods are certainly attractive, with the prospect of fewer crowds visiting the must-see attractions. In a nutshell, there is nowhere else on earth where one can cruise to so many different countries within a short period of time and to sample as many flavours, cultures and retrace the footsteps of history as one can in the Mediterranean and its adjoining seas. Luckily for cruise passengers, the choice and range of ships on which to travel are getting wider each year! #CruiseTheMed - Produced in 2020 by MedCruise Association

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