Partner Banner Advertising

Give Your Business a Boost

Banner advertising can bring prospective customers directly to your business, products or services in just one click. A prominent and compelling banner ad is a cost-effective method of driving customers to your website. It also builds brand awareness through repeated exposure, as a promotional and branding tool. Banner ads are priceless.

With a choice of positioning on our website, you can choose the best place to display your banner advert to target your specific market audience!

Partner Advertising

Our advertising package ensures your banners appear on the main pages of the website as well as on all pages relevant to your business within the website.

We can support the following types of banner ads:

Standard – 468 x 60

Full Header – 908 x 244

Large Rectangle 336 x 280

Vertical 120 x 240


It depends on position, quantity of banners and duration of advertising. Discounts are available for 12 month bookings if paid in advance. Advertising is usually on a monthly or annual basis, but if you want to advertise for as little as one week, or similar, please get in touch.

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To book a banner advert or get a quote, please contact us on +353 (0)94 9520740 or click below to send us your enquiry